The School of Music, Music Therapy, Psycology, Art Communication & Technology (MPACT) belongs to the Faculty of Humanities at Aalborg University and is based in Aalborg with activities and staff also at Aalborg University’s Campus in Copenhagen. The School consists of five study boards; Study Board of Art & Technology, Study Board of Communication and Digital Media, Study Board of Music, Study Board of Music Therapy and Study Board of Psychology. The school’s organisation also includes a study council composed of the program director for the school as well as the chairmen and vice-chairmen of the five study committees.

MPACT Study council

Vice chair of study board:

  • Brian Møller Pejter (Communication and Digital Media)
  • Signe Aagaard Häggqvist (Art and Technology)
  • Maia Lundqvist Holm (Music)
  • Oda B. Dypvik (Music Therapy)
  • Christian Westergaard Jensen (Psychology)

chair of study board:

head of school:

Tom Nyvang

secretary oF school:

Winnie Ritterbusch

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Study boards

The study boards approve educational curricula and prepare proposals for curricula. In addition, the study boards deal with quality assurance and with the general rules for exams, grading and teaching. Study Board also addresses matters about qualifications and exemptions from regulations and curricula.

Advisory boards

Advisory boards are set up to discuss educational issues. The aim is to ensure a dialogue between educations and recruiters about educational quality and relevance to society. Advisory boards also play a major role in the development and accreditation of new and existing programs.

Head of Study

Secretary of School