School of Music, Music Therapy, Psychology, Art, Communication & Technology

School of Music, Music Therapy, Psychology, Art, Communication & Technology (MPACT)

The MPACT School (Music, Music Therapy, Psychology, Art, Communication & Technology) offers Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes that in various ways combine communication studies, aesthetics, and technology.

About the programmes

Art, Experience and Technology

The MPACT School offers programmes in the cross field between art, design and technology. On the basis of the physical, psychological, and social conditions, the studies deal with artistic and aesthetic processes and the design and construction of artefacts that are aimed at user experience and realisation. More information at

Communication, Information and Digital Media

The MPACT School has cross-disciplinary programmes and specializations that combine insights from media technology and communication research. These programmes provide knowledge of and competences of critical analysis of existing media and communication products and of the design and construction of new media and communication products. The programmes are based on understanding the communication challenges of individuals and organizations with the aim to design and implement new areas of communication by means of information and communication technologies. More information at

Music and Sound

The MPACT School includes several programmes with an emphasis on music understanding, artistic creativity, sound production, and music performance. These programmes give the students comprehensive knowledge about and insight into classical as well as popular music – both theoretically and practically. The programmes offer courses in, for example, music history, music theory, analysis, and science studies. More information at

Music Therapy

The MPACT School offers a music therapy programme with focus on the development of communication and relations between human beings through musical activities and experiences. Using a variety of music therapy procedures and techniques, the students on the programme learn how to promote health, address emotional needs and enhance social competences in children, adolescents and adults who have special needs or struggle with psychological, psychiatric, somatic or social problems - such as dementia, schizophrenia, autism, pain and anxiety. More information at


The MPACT School offers serveral programmes in the field of Psychology. The programmes are concerned with the individual human being and personality as well as the individual in relation to society, including the influence of the family. Interests are directed towards thinking and emotions, identity and development – towards both internal motivations and external influences as well as group processes, and individual psychological dynamics. The Psychology Programmes also include the human being as a biological being, and biological processes such as memory and awareness. More information at


School of MPACT, Rendsburggade 14, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark
Head of Study: Tom Nyvang • Secretary of School: Winnie Ritterbuschmore